King Black Acid – Turning Off My Television

King Black Acid – Turning Off My Television

Music is great when it’s commanding and offers more than the status quo. When it shakes up your world and creates energy around you that makes you buy into it majorly. That type of music gets people invested in a real way, as they try to be apart of the music as best as possible, and that experience is what you get from King Black Acid on the new song “Turning Off My Television”.

An exciting indie/alt-rock record that captivates, with its introspective lyrics and atmospheric soundscapes. The record envelops listeners in a hypnotic haze of swirling guitars and haunting melodies, that create a sonic landscape that is both ethereal and introspective. The raw approach to the vocals command your attention and bring the themes of detachment to life. It’s more than a song but a true sonic journey of exploration, that urges listeners to break free from the noise of modern life and reconnect with their own thoughts and emotions, to make a song leaves a lasting impression on us all.

Check out King Black Acid “Turning Off My Television” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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