JIRI – Let Me Know

JIRI – Let Me Know

People come to music to be entertained. To hear engaging music that is an escape, or those smooth vibes that mellows you out, after a long day of work. No other genre delivers on this like Hip Hop. A genre known for it’s wide ranging ways of connecting to the listener that the world loves. JIRI has that same energy to him and so much more on his new song “Let Me Know”.

A smooth Hip Hop masterpiece that cradles listeners in a serene atmosphere of chill hip-hop. The track is a melodic journey, blending slick vibes with JIRI’s soulful rhymes, creating a captivating sonic experience to get lost in. It delves into the complexities of relationships with heartfelt lyricism, to show real vulnerability to make a real emotional connection. The laid-back vibe and introspective lyrics, serves as a soothing soundtrack for moments of reflection and introspection, on this heartfelt ode to love, wrapped in the comforting embrace of chilled hip-hop beats to melt the listener with its magic.

Check out JIRI “Let Me Know” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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