Ceara Cavalieri – That’s My Bitch

Ceara Cavalieri – That’s My Bitch

Music is something that we all come to for different reasons. Looking for a certain vibe or substance to the music that connects. As much as we all can have our own taste there is no denying the impact for a record that just simply feels good to hear. Those records that make the world a brighter place be due to its presence and sound that uplifts us all. That type of magic is what takes place on the new song from Ceara Cavalieri on the new song “That’s My Bitch”

A post break up anthem that electrifies with its vibrant fusion of upbeat Pop and Rock elements. The record bursts onto the scene with infectious energy, propelled by driving guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms that gets you engaged into the music instantly. Ceara’s powerhouse vocals soar with infectious confidence and attitude, delivering the empowering lyrics that celebrate friendship in a real way. It’s an unapologetic declaration of strength and love, that urges listeners to embrace each other and helps us all get through, with its catchy heartfelt lyrics making it a complete electrifying anthem that ignites the spirit of empowerment.

Check out Ceara Cavalieri “That’s My Bitch” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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