Great music is timeless. No matter when it was made or when you hear it, you know you are hearing something special. That type of music is supreme and must come from a supreme talent. That supreme talent comes from BRE ANTONIA with their new song “GOOD”.

The sound is soulful and honest, with heartfelt lyrics that connect like magic, as his story telling abilities shine, while also being ultra relatable to connect with the masses. The verses are strong and the flow is even stronger with amazing presence you feel naturally to make a soulful Hip Hop experience on this timeless Hip Hop record that will age like wine. The production knocks to set a brilliant tone you can feel, the rhymes freshly hit home, and the flow has the right amount of soul to make you appreciate the beauty of the record in a major way.

Check out BRE ANTONIA “GOOD” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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