M-Dot x Benefit – The Enemy Is Everywhere

M-Dot x Benefit – The Enemy Is Everywhere

Hip Hop music is always in its most exciting form when emcees can throw on a beat and just let their words fly at will. Being able to make every line count as they go for gold, and show us how incredible their minds are to make fans of us all. That has long been the true spirit of Hip Hop music and this new collaboration from M-Dot and Benefit run wild in this spirit on the new song “The Enemy Is Everywhere”.

A hard-hitting hip-hop collaboration that ignites the culture with its raw intensity and razor-sharp lyricism. The gritty production serves as the perfect score while, M-Dot and Benefit trade potent verses, with unapologetic honesty. Their delivery is relentless, each bar packed with vivid imagery and hard-hitting bars as the track’s ominous vibe and relentless energy to keep us rocking every second. If you love that real hip hop you will enjoy this record’s, uncompromising sound and powerful message, forces to be reckoned with in the hip-hop landscape.

Check out M-Dot and Benefit “The Enemy Is Everywhere” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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