Emes – Hurt People

Emes – Hurt People

Music is the universal language of the soul that transcending barriers of culture and language. Its melodies and rhythms have the power to evoke emotions and stir memories to make a true connection with the listener, to the point you feel the music in a real way. Emes is able to tap into his power to make a song that pours more love into the listener with his new song “Hurt People’

A R&B masterpiece that marvels in its raw emotion and soulful melodies. The heartfelt lyrics resonates with its slick soulful vibe, as the song delves into the complexities of pain and healing in relationships. Emes vocals make you feel the music at a high level with each note being infused with depth and vulnerability, to draw listeners into a world of introspection and empathy. It captures the essence of daring to love and finding strength in vulnerability to make a captivating piece of music, that leaves a lasting impression for time to come.

Check out Emes “Hurt People” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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