Shug – Progress

Shug – Progress

Music is something that gets more overcrowded by the day. So much to the point people can think that its easy to be an artist, not knowing the grind that it really is. The sleepless nights that you question yourself, the fear of putting yourself out there, the long days of wanting to make music but nothing seems to come out right. All of that so much more makes it a tough grind and Shug is able to speak on this in a real way everyone can feel on his new song “Progress”.

A Hip Hop masterpiece that showcases unparalleled lyricism and raw authenticity to make a true connection with the listener. The beat sets a hard tone for Shug to deliver a lyrical narrative that delves deep into personal growth to bring us closer to the person behind the music, as each verse being a testament to his resilience, with profound introspection and unwavering determination to be a top emcee. The intricate wordplay and vivid imagery paints a vivid picture of triumph over obstacles, inspiring listeners to embrace change and strive for greatness to showcase his unparalleled skill that elevates hip-hop to new heights, while also leaving a lasting impression on every listener.

Check out Shug “Progress” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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