Slu – Vomit

Slu – Vomit

Hip Hop is a genre of music that goes far beyond just a style of music, but a true way of life. Since the beginning it’s had a way of connecting with people at a high level due to the soul and authenticity put into the records by legendary emcees, to the point you feel a connection with the person behind the music. That spirit to the music is what Slu new song “Vomit” runs wild in.

A master class of emceeing that is nothing short of electrifying. His delivery is fierce, with each word delivered with venomous precision, to match the hard flow that effortlessly rides the waves of the beat with a commanding presence. Slu’s lyricism is razor-sharp with unflinching honesty to deliver the verses are a mix of gritty storytelling and sharp social commentary, tackling themes of struggle, survival, and perseverance. The raw authenticity to his words, comes through in a real way baring his soul with every bar, to make a stand out record that shines in its storytelling and conviction.

Check out Slu “Vomit” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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