Jingle Punks – Like Candy

Jingle Punks – Like Candy

When hearing new music it’s always great to hear music as well as an artist that is fresh in their approach. When you hit play and get to enjoy a creativity in the approach that breathes fresh life into the music scene, as well as brings us closer to the creative behind the music. Jingle Punks does a brilliant job of that with her new stand out release “Like Candy”.

An electrifying dive into the vibrant world of hyperpop that makes for a major listen. Bursting with infectious energy and sugar-rush melodies, to make a sonic rollercoaster that whisks listeners into a kaleidoscope of sound, as it lives up to the title in a real way with it’s sugary-sweet aesthetics of candy and injecting it with a hyperactive energy, to make an irresistible fusion of pop sensibilities and futuristic soundscapes. From it’s catchy lyrics and a relentless tempo, “Like Candy” is a musical confectionery that leaves listeners craving more, to showcase Jingle Punk’s innovative approach and their ability to push the boundaries of contemporary music.

Check out Jingle Punks “Like Candy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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