Joonas – Lying On My Back

Joonas – Lying On My Back

Many songs have their own special way of connecting with the people. With some records they are a slow burn and takes time to really enjoy the things about it that make it great, and then there are some songs that just grab you instantly. Whether it be the approach to the sound, or a strong vocal performance, or even the substance in the writing that can be relatable, the reasons why a song can grab you are truly limitless and Joonas gives you all of that and more on the new song “Lying On My Back”.

A captivating indie pop gem exploring the complex duality of loving and hating someone simultaneously. Set against a backdrop of infectious rhythm and pushing guitar riffs, Joonas vocals exude a sense of conflicted emotion while also packing major appeal, weaving a narrative of inner turmoil and longing. The song’s introspective lyrics delve into the intricate dynamics of relationships, where affection and resentment collide in a tumultuous dance to capture the essence of vulnerability and honesty, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its emotive atmosphere, to make a mesmerizing sonic journey that invites listeners to delve into the depths of their own conflicting feelings.

Check out Joonas “Lying On My Back” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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