Edgar Homeros – Belong To The Wind

Edgar Homeros – Belong To The Wind

Music that lasts with you is music that you can feel. That music that is honest and real in its approach that you feel the authenticity in the music, as you buy into the artist. An artist is that is daring enough to bare themselves to the world, will always be an artist that will go far, and the sky is truly the limit for Edgar Homeros on his new song “Belong To The Wind”.

A lo-fi R&B offering that is a soulful exploration of introspection and yearning. It’s emotive piano arrangement and minimalist production, creates an intimate atmosphere that invites listeners to get lost in its hazy melodies, As Edgar’s warm vocals effortlessly convey a sense of longing and nostalgia, while the subtle instrumentation adds depth and texture to the song’s emotional landscape. This is a mesmerizing blend of lo-fi aesthetics and R&B sensibilities, showcasing his talent for crafting evocative soundscapes that resonate on a deep personal level, to make a timeless connection with listeners everywhere.

Check out Edgar Homeros “Belong To The Wind” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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