The Candid – Alright, OK!

The Candid – Alright, OK!

Music is fun when it takes you on a journey, as well as grabs you with its relatable substance. That music that builds just right to give you a true experience of music to get lost in. When you get a song that is big time in it’s approach, it allows you to just be a fan of the work of you’re hearing, and The Candid brings you a sound beyond subjectivity with the new song “Alright, OK!”.

The Candid introduces a vibrant blend of pop and rock, to deliver a refreshing anthem about embracing love. The infectious guitar riffs and full percussion, radiates with an irresistible energy that uplifts the spirit. The heartfelt lyrics delve into the vulnerability of opening up to love, celebrating the courage it takes to let oneself be loved fully. Through dynamic instrumentation and dynamic vocals, this record captures the exhilarating journey of surrendering to affection and finding solace in the warmth of connection. It’s a captivating reminder that sometimes, allowing yourself to be loved is the bravest choice of all to make a stand out body of music like no other.

Check out The Candid “Alright, OK!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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