shiv – limerence

shiv – limerence

Music such as life grabs you when experiencing something real. Always having its way of sticking with us when you feel the soul to it. Music has long been something we come to for relatable substance, as we tune into see what the artists have to offer. When you get something you feel as the real deal it makes for something beyond limits, and that real feel is that you get from shiv on the new song “limerence”

A poignant exploration of the bittersweet journey of letting go in a relationship. Through chill melodies and heartfelt lyrics, shiv encapsulates the complex emotions of longing and acceptance. The song’s ethereal soundscapes draw listeners into a world of introspection, where memories intertwine with the ache of farewell. Her emotive vocals shine in their soul and brings the right amount of vulnerability, to resonate with anyone who has grappled with the inevitability of goodbye. It’s a tender reminder that sometimes the most courageous act of love is releasing what we hold dear, embracing the beauty of endings as new beginnings arise.

Check out shiv “limerance” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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