NV4 – Bangos

NV4 – Bangos

There’s no denying how subjective music is. An art form like no other that can separate its fans just as much as it brings us together. Especially a genre like Hip Hop its important for a song to be so undeniable in its approach that you cant help but become a fan of it. That strong approach to the music is what NV4 does with the new release called “Bangos”.

A high energy club record that lets its commanding presence shine to the fullest. The production sets the best tone possible for him to flourish, with a strong sound packed with thumping 808’s and bass that knocks out your speakers, to get you engaged in the music instantly. For the exciting sound you get equally exciting catchy rhymes from this artists, with the braggadocios substance in the lyrics that are delivered with slick swagger to make you buy into the star power, that shines through on this major performance that brings the party to life in every way.

Check out NV4 “Bangos” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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