Dude It’s Nolan – Long Way

Dude It’s Nolan – Long Way

When following an artist its always great to hear growth in the music. Being able to experience an artist you’re familiar with in a whole new way, as you both grow together on this musical journey that keeps you connected. With an artist like Dude It’s Nolan he always brings hard rhymes for the people and with his latest song “Long Way” he shows how next level he is.

Dude It’s Nolan brings his signature relentless approach to make something truly must hear. His burning desire to be great shines through in his music and makes you connect to his craft in a major way. The production serves up the rhymes perfectly, with commanding bass being met with piano keys that create a sense of urgency in the music, that meshes well with the hard rhymes that pack a punch in every line and delivered with masterful conviction, to make a record that is undeniable in its greatness to ensure we will keep running back to this stand out record for time to come.

Check out Dude It’s Nolan “Long Way” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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