Avara – choose the pace

Avara – choose the pace

Music sticks with you when it’s something you can feel. That intimate connection a song has with you, as you hit play and time stands still for you to take in all of the magic it has to offer to make you want to keep coming back for more. That feeling in the music is what makes music timeless, and Avara’s new release “choose the pace” is a record you won’t be able to stop listening to

A tantalizing R&B gem that seduces with its dreamy allure and sensual vibes. Avara’s signature lush vocals glide masterfully over this mesmerizing production, that creates an intoxicating atmosphere that transports listeners to a realm of passion and desire. The lyrics entice with their suggestive allure, urging listeners to embrace the moment and surrender to the rhythm of love, as you get wrapped up in the verses, that serve up the magic in the chorus righteously. Through its sultry melodies and irresistible groove, this fresh release works magic on the soul to showcase why she is one of the most promising artist you will hear, who pours major life into R&B music.

Check out Avara “choose the pace” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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