ARIA – wait!

ARIA – wait!

Music is something that truly has something for everyone. With so many sounds out there, it’s easy to find something you like. What’s even better is when a song gives you everything. When you can hear what you love from different genres, being put together in a song to make one must hear sound that stands out for you to love. That’s what you get from ARIA on his new song “wait!”.

An electrifying genre bending release, that ignites the airwaves with its infectious energy. The song pulses with dynamic rhythms and pulsating basslines, driving listeners to get wrapped up in the artistry on full bloom. ARIA vocals push the song forward in a real way over this electrifying production, delivering lyrics that capture the urgency and excitement of the moment. The catchy hook and adrenaline-fueled sound, commands attention from start to finish, leaving listeners craving more to make a perfect anthem for late-night adventures and dancefloor escapades, on this record that is a testament to the power of his stand out sound that electrifies and exhilarate audiences worldwide.

Check out ARIA “wait!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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