CARR – Hot Dad

CARR – Hot Dad

Music is all about being creative. Showing the world how special your mind and style is to create records they fall in love with. As much as music can be a copycat trendy thing, it’s still the music made by creatives and innovators that moves everything forward. An artist that has that special creative thing is CARR with her new song “Hot Dad”.

A stellar jam that ignites the pop punk scene with its fiery homage to the ultimate DILF fantasy. The music bursts with rebellious energy, with the track’s infectious beats and electrifying guitar hooks set the stage for an anthem of unapologetic desire. The witty lyrics celebrating the allure of a “hot dad,” blends nostalgia with a cheeky modern twist, to make a fun experience of music, delivered by the charismatic vocals that infuse the song with attitude and charm, making it impossible not to sing along. If you’re looking for an incredible experience of music that will excite you for every second, you will love everything this record has to offer!

Check out CARR “Hot Dad” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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