GUMBO x Chuck D – All True

GUMBO x Chuck D – All True

Music such as life grabs you when experiencing something real. Always having its way of sticking with us when you feel the authenticity to it, music has long been something we come to for relatable substance, as we tune into see what the artists have to offer. When you get something you feel as the real deal it makes for something beyond limits, and that real feel is that you get from the duo GUMBO and Chuck D on the new song “All True”.

A thunderous testament to the unyielding force of hard-hitting hip-hop. The relentless beats and razor-sharp lyrics, commands attention for every single second, with their commanding presence injecting the song with a potent dose of authority, to take in the rhymes that slice through the air with masterful precision and purpose. it’s a potent concoction of raw energy and substance, to make something real we can all feel, taking over with its uncompromising attitude and unapologetic conviction, making a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Check out GUMBO and Chuck D “All True” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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