Ice Meez – Blue Faces

Ice Meez – Blue Faces

Good artists shine when the music is good, but great artists shine when you are able to feel the music. When they are able to go beyond a good listening experience, but something real that the people can feel. Ice Meez is able to do that and so much more with his new incredible release “Blue Faces”.

A stand out track that shines in its raw honesty and undeniable charisma. Ice is commanding in his delivery and impeccable in his timing, as he effortlessly maneuvers through the song’s verses and hooks, showcasing his high level of mastery of the craft. The lyricism is sharp and vivid, painting images with gritty authenticity with his clever wordplay and thought-provoking substance, that are insightful observations about the realities of street life. From his rapid-fire verses and slick chorus, Ice Meez’s performance is nothing short of captivating, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with his unmatched skill and passion to make a fan of us all.

Check out Ice Meez “Blue Faces” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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