Already Legends ENT Featuring SavageSpitFlamez – Smooth Money Medley

Already Legends ENT Featuring SavageSpitFlamez – Smooth Money Medley

If you’re from Michigan like us, you know it comes with a certain pride to be from here. A place for dreamers, and hustlers that know the certain toughness and confidence you have to have to survive here. That type of pride makes us all stand together, and Already Legends ENT consisting of SavageSpitFlamez, Sam Tate, SQUAD and L.O.E BOOG makes an anthem for us all to feel on the new song “Smooth Money Medley”.

The music channels the gritty essence of Detroit style hip-hop, delivering a sonic experience steeped in urban authenticity. It brings infectious flows with bravado in the style and slick production, make a track that exudes confidence and swagger. The lyrics weave tales of street life, ambition, and the pursuit of success, capturing the pulse of the city to bring us into their world, with each verse being a testament to their craft, reflecting the hustle and grind of Motor City’s underground scene. From the smooth flow to the raw lyricism, “Smooth Money Medley” is a homage to Detroit’s hip-hop legacy, destined to resonate with fans of the genre worldwide.

Check out Already Legends ENT “Smooth Money Medley” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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