Music can really be exciting when it’s done right. When an artist comes with that right energy that you know it’s real because feel it in every way. When that right record comes along that’s shining bright, you make room for it to glow as it’s that right thing to get you going. That’s what KAWN has on his hands with the new song “KATRIINA”.

He gives us two minutes of non stop fire that knocks for every second. The production has a super dope Trap sound that vibes to the fullest and sets a grand tone for the artistry he brings to life. Giving us a star charisma to the approach that makes you feel his presence, as his slick flow full of raw energy brings the dope lyrics to life, to show his wide range of talent that makes him a complete artist worth buying into. If you’re looking for a major record to get invested in, you can stop your search at this exciting release that has something for fans everywhere.

Check out KAWN “KATRIINA” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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