Gerson Marta – I Believe In Angels Too

Gerson Marta – I Believe In Angels Too

Nothing becomes routine quite like hearing music. Being something that we consume so much of daily, it’s easy to forget why you are a fan, but a special record always reminds of us of why we love music. Those records that you feel to your core, as you get lost in the true experience of music, and Gerson Marta’s new song “I Believe In Angels Too” is the perfect reminder of why we all fell in love with music.

An indie-pop-folk creation that encapsulates ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics in a captivating blend that will leave you speechless. Capturing delicate instrumentation that is match made in heaven with Marta’s emotive vocals, that melt you with every note, as the song transports listeners to a realm of introspection and wonder. The song marvels in its lyrical prowess, as it shines in its exploration of hope, faith, and the unseen forces that guide us, to make a mesmerizing ode to the beauty of belief and the power of the human spirit that leaves a lasting impression, resonating deeply with audiences who find solace in its celestial embrace.

Check out Gerson Marta “I Believe In Angels Too” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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