Breadcouch – PASS ME THAT

Breadcouch – PASS ME THAT

There’s no denying how subjective music is. An art form like no other that can separate its fans just as much as it brings us together. Especially a genre like Hip Hop its important for a song to be so undeniable in its approach that you cant help but become a fan of it. That strong approach to the music is what Breadcouch does with the new release “PASS ME THAT”.

Bringing an electrifying track with a live hip-hop sound that is must hear. Infused with raw energy and infectious swagger, the track ignites a fire within the people from the first beat. BreadCouch’s dynamic performance exudes confidence and mastery, as he effortlessly commands the mic with razor-sharp lyricism and captivating flow that is impossible to ignore. It is a high-octane anthem that celebrates the thrill of the moment and makes a real connection with the people, with its pulsating rhymes and undeniable sound, to transport listeners to the heart of the live experience, leaving them hungry for more from his outstanding repertoire.

Check out Breadcouch “PASS ME THAT” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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