Becky McNiece x T.Tokz – Melting

Becky McNiece x T.Tokz – Melting

We love all kinds of music, but the music we love the most is music that feels big. Some music is just undeniable and goes beyond someones musical preference, to just being a record you love and appreciate for the sheer experience it is. Becky McNeice and T.Tokz come together to make that type of music that you feel in your bones with their new song “Melting”.

A smash of a collaboration that seamlessly in pop sensibilities with vibrant Afrobeat rhythms, creating an infectious fusion of genres. This record captivates listeners with its infectious energy and catchy melodies, transporting them to a world where boundaries between genres blur effortlessly, to make something must hear. McNeice’s warm soft vocals intertwine with T.Tokz’s rhythmic beats, creating a dynamic synergy that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish, as the writing flows in its substance exploring themes of passion and desire, with evocative imagery that transports listeners to a world of warmth and intimacy that they will never want to leave from.

Check out Becky McNeice and T.Tokz “Melting” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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