Ode Broham x Lefty Van Lowe- Blowing Mines

Ode Broham x Lefty Van Lowe- Blowing Mines

Something that is always enjoyable to hear in an artists music is that flavor. That special thing to it that feels like the seasoning for a favorite dish, as it’s all put together well enough to be digestible for the masses to take in. A song that carries major flavor is Ode Broham’s new must hear song “Blowing Mines” featuring Lefty Van Lowe that’s worth every listen.

Ode Broham connects with Lefty Van Lowe for his latest smooth rap masterpiece, that captivates listeners with its infectious beats and lyrical finesse that delivers in a real way. The track is a blend of laid-back vibes and sharper rhymes, transporting audiences to a realm of pure musical euphoria. Their slick delivery full of charisma effortlessly flows over the melodic sample backdrop, painting vivid imagery with his words, drawing listeners into his world with every bar to make a song, that is destined to become a timeless anthem, for people everywhere to enjoy.

Check out Ode Broham featuring Lefty Van Lowe “Blowing Mines” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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