UNA MIA x Lekan – Better Care

UNA MIA x Lekan – Better Care

Music can be enjoyed for many reasons, especially when you can feel it. That presence to the artistry that shines through on a major way, as they stand out to the fullest to deliver something that is impossible to ignore. When an artist’s presence is felt, you buy in to them in a real way as they bring something undeniable to the table, that defies your subjectivity to the music, and become a true fan of what you hear. Thats what you get from this major collaboration between UNA MIA and Lekan on her the song “Better Care”.

A seductive R&B masterpiece that captivates with its sultry melodies and irresistible groove. The track unfolds like a passionate conversation between lovers, with UNA MIA’s silky-smooth vocals intertwining effortlessly with Lekan’s velvety tone. Their chemistry is palpable, drawing listeners into a world of desire and longing, to match the acoustic and atmospheric production, that sets the mood perfectly for this record that exudes sensuality and intimacy, showcasing their talent that leaves a lasting impression on the soul.

Check out UNA MIA and Lekan “Better Care” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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