With listening to so much music it’s easy to feel like nothing stands out anymore but it’s always so refreshing to hear songs that do a grand job of separating themselves. Getting to hear songs full of fresh life that show just how much room is left for creativity and innovation to flourish. That’s what you get from Orrin on his new song “SORRY NOT”.

It’s has a fresh touch to the music that not only makes for an exciting listen, but also its really fun to hear. The creative vocal approach makes you get invested in this world he brings to life, as the lyrics fly so effortlessly and flow through the innovative production, with a great alt Hip Hop sounds with a great electro breakbeat touch to it that makes it super infectious. Orrin not only marvels in the audio but the visuals are impressive as well bringing the New York club scene to life, that makes us all get invested in this must hear talent in a real way on some of his finest work to date.

Check out Orrin “SORRY NOT” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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