stayMellow – bad mirage

stayMellow – bad mirage

When music is instantly engaging its really impossible to deny. That commanding energy to the sound that just grabs you and brings you into the listeners world, that makes you excited to be apart of the whole experience. Those type of record defy the subjectivity of music because they dont give you a chance to decide if you like it or not, it makes the decision for you with its undeniable presence. That’s what you get from stayMellow on the new song “bad mirage”.

It injects a hard-edged Alt Rock Punk sound with raw intensity, with gritty guitar riffs and pounding drums, the track unleashes a torrent of energy that grabs listeners from the very start. The impassioned vocals soar over the pulsating instrumentation, delivering a message of defiance and resilience, and delivered by vocals filled with raw conviction to make you feel every word. The song’s relentless pace and unapologetic attitude make it an exhilarating sonic experience, showcasing stayMellow’s must hear talent that puts the world on notice, on this stand out group.

Check out stayMellow “bad mirage” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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