Laura Rizzotto – Symptoms

Laura Rizzotto – Symptoms

With an art as subjective as music, its easy for it separate its fans. Everyone having their own preference on what they think makes great music, but as much as music can separate us it also has a way of bringing us together when its substance in the music. When you can relate to the music because of the soul and emotion to it that feels right on time. That experience is what you get from Laura Rizzotto’s new song “Symptoms”.

A powerful post-breakup anthem, resonating with raw emotion and heartfelt writing. Laura navigates the complexities of heartache, laying bare her vulnerabilities to make a true connection beyond music. The track’s introspective lyrics delve into the aftermath of love lost, exploring the lingering pain and emotional turmoil that anyone can relate to as they try to heal. Matched by acoustic production that sets a brilliant tone to make you feel the music that much more, as her impassioned delivery and heartfelt storytelling making a compelling and relatable experience for the world to connect to.

Check out Laura Rizzotto “Symptoms” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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