504icygirl x Poppy H – Ain’t Sweet (Mardi Gras Mix)

504icygirl x Poppy H – Ain’t Sweet (Mardi Gras Mix)

One of the best things to hear in music is a vision coming to life. Those songs that you hear and picture the music the way it should be heard best, as you get lost in the sound. That’s one of the many reasons music has long been the soundtrack for our lives, as it finds an occasion for us to play it, and with this new record from 504icygirl and Popy H called “Came to Party” you know it will have parties everywhere going crazy.

This record drops like a sizzling gumbo, blending the raw energy of New Orleans bounce with the smooth finesse of modern hip-hop. Their fiery verses ignite the track, with their rapid-fire delivery riding the infectious beats like a Mardi Gras parade float. The hook adds a tantalizing sweetness, contrasting the gritty urban backdrop with a touch of Southern charm that impossible to deny. From the streets of the Big Easy to the club scene worldwide, this collaboration is a testament to the city’s vibrant musical legacy with its irresistible rhythm and undeniable swagger making a certified anthem for the Crescent City and beyond.

Check out 504icygirl and Poppy H “Ain’t Sweet” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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