Trvpbeez – Off The Face

Trvpbeez – Off The Face

If there is any genre of music that is crowded it would definitely be Hip Hop music. A genre of music that a person can wake up with the thought of trying their hand at it, and by the end of the day having a record due to the easy access of it. Due to all the resources out there to make it, means more and more people being out there, making an artist having to truly be a star to shine through in the madness, and Trvpbeez has always been one of those stars to shine. Giving great music every time and with his new release “Off The Face” he shows how slick his style can get.

Bringing a captivating rap track that effortlessly blends smooth flows with hypnotic beats. The music is packed slick production and infectious melodies, to immerse listeners in a haze of smooth groove and rhythm. TrvpBeez’s delivery is confident and polished, sliding through the track with ease to deliver incredible lyricism into each verse. This record boasts a laid-back vibe that serves as the perfect soundtrack for cruising down the street or chilling on the scene as you lose yourself in the infectious vibe and Beez’s undeniable charisma that delivers.

Check out Trvpbeez “Off The Face” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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