Sarah Bernstein – Loser of the Year

Sarah Bernstein – Loser of the Year

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start the week strong. For us we always try to showcase music that shines in its excellence, to not only try to set the right tone for our content, but also serve as the perfect pick me up to get everyone going. To start off the week we had to bring to you this major release from Sarah Bernstein called “Loser of the Year”.

A Pop Punk record that grips listeners from the first chord. Layered with gritty guitar riffs that pack a punch and fueled by relentless drum word, the music sets an exhilarating pace to set a major tone. Sarah’s vocals alternate seamlessly between raw passion and defiant strength, drawing listeners in a way that goes beyond just music, but a true personal connection that keeps you invested. The song’s dynamic progression pushing through, culminating in an explosive chorus that demands attention for this song, that shines in its electrifying appeal.

Check out Sarah Bernstein “Loser of the Year” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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