JAMMY x P-LO – Trying Me

JAMMY x P-LO – Trying Me

Hip Hop is always exciting when heavy hitters come together to make noise. When they both combine their talents to make one cohesive sound that shakes up the culture, as well as give the people something to talk about, and with the new collaboration from JAMMY and P-LO you know you’re getting something great with the song “Trying Me”.

This isn’t just a hip hop record but it’s a fun adventure through the streets of cool. The beat is as smooth as silk and the rhymes are boisterous in their approach, to make a record that can’t be denied. Both artists flows are like liquid gold, dripping with confidence and attitude, perfectly complemented by the production that weaves together major bass and horns to make one big sound, that is ready for the world to enjoy to the fullest.

Check out JAMMY and P-LO “Trying Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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