EMME – Late Bloomer

EMME – Late Bloomer

Music that lasts with you is music that you can feel. That music that is honest and real in its approach that you feel the authenticity in the music, as you buy into the artist. An artist is that is daring enough to bare themselves to the world, will always be an artist that will go far, and the sky is truly the limit for EMME on her new song “Late Bloomer”.

The track serves as an ode to those who find their path later in life, embracing their uniqueness and journey with pride with a blend of feel good melodies in the indie pop sound and introspective lyrics, EMME captures the essence of the coming-of-age experience, evoking nostalgia and hope in equal measure. Its a shining testament to the beauty of personal growth and acceptance, reminding listeners that it’s never too late to bloom into the person they were meant to be, on this stellar body of work that delivers in a real way.

Check out EMME “Late Bloomer” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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