Sophie Sutton – Nurse

Sophie Sutton – Nurse

As a journalist its always refreshing to come across songs that give you a fresh reminder on why you love what you do. When you get wrapped up in the experience of listening to a new song and putting subjectivity to the side, to take a pure moment of being a fan of music. That level of music is what Sophie Sutton delivers in spectacular fashion on her new indie pop release “Nurse”.

A feel-good indie pop anthem that radiates warmth and charm, while covering deep substance in a brilliant way. It packs infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, that are delivered by Sutton’s honeyed vocals soar over a backdrop of shimmering guitars and catchy rhythms, creating an irresistible sonic tapestry. Its breezy, carefree vibe invites listeners to dance and sing along, while its story of heartbreak resonating long after the music fades.

Check out Sophie Sutton “Nurse” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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