NGHTMRE x Juelz x ShaSimone – Thrilla

NGHTMRE x Juelz x ShaSimone – Thrilla

Music is something people go to not only to hear something good but to truly be entertained. Being able to come to a record and be able to feel the fresh life from it just from hitting play. That type of exciting experience of music can make a fan out of anyone who listens and when you hear NGHTMRE and Juelz new song “Thrilla” featuring ShaSimone you know you are listening to something special.

A stand out collaboration that does everything right to make an electrifying EDM/dubstep anthem. Pulsating with energy, the track delivers an adrenaline-fueled sonic experience that ignites dancefloors worldwide for every second. Seamlessly blending signature bass-heavy beats with intricate production, bringing to life a relentless onslaught of electrifying soundscapes. The vocals add an ethereal dimension, soaring above the gritty synths and thunderous drops, with its infectious rhythm and intense build-ups, to command the listeners’ attention from start to finish, promising an exhilarating journey into the heart of EDM and dubstep music.

Check out NGHTMRE and Juelz featuring ShaSimone “Thrilla” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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