Limón Limón’ x Scoobert Doobert – Hello

Limón Limón’ x Scoobert Doobert – Hello

Music is truly an art that thrives on collaboration. Being able to hear artist shine in their own impressive style, while also coming together to showcase their art in a whole new way. With this magical collaboration between Limón Limón’ and Scoobert Doobert, you get a song that feels just as good as it sounds on the new smooth jam “Hello”.

It’s a tantalizing blend of smooth indie-pop sounds that work in perfect harmony to melt you every second, with dreamy melodies and infectious rhythms to transport listeners to a sun-drenched paradise. You get a refreshing exploration of connection and longing, wrapped in layers of lush instrumentation and silky vocals that slide to perfection. Their signature styles merges seamlessly with the soulful delivery, creating a captivating sonic landscape like no other, coming together in a divine way with the song’s catchy hooks and irresistible groove, to make it an instant favorite for summer playlists.

Check out Limón Limón’and Scoobert Doobert “Hello” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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