GT_Ofice x Sarah de Warren x Matthew Topper – No Tears

GT_Ofice x Sarah de Warren x Matthew Topper – No Tears

One of the best things of being a fan of music is getting to hear releases from artists you’re a fan of. When they give you supreme quality in the music every time to the point, when you see a release from them you can’t wait to hear the magic they create. With GT_Ofice they always deliver superb music and the new release “No Tears” with Sarah de Warren and Matthew Topper you get something truly special.

A dynamic collaboration, that showcases the super talent of GT_Ofice, Sarah de Warren, and Matthew Topper to ignite the EDM scene. The music combines pulsating beats with infectious energy, that immerses listeners in a whirlwind of euphoria for every second it comes to life. The dreamy vocals that pack appeal glide effortlessly over this electrifying production, while the mmajor lyrics add layers of depth to make it all click in a divine way, to leave an unforgettable mark on the EDM landscape just in time for Spring and Summer.

Check out GT_Ofice, Sarah de Warren, and Michael Topper “No Tears” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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