King Dave – Wicked

King Dave – Wicked

Now more than ever there’s pressure for artists to get the attention of the listener. Vying for their place in rotation against the countless releases we receive daily. To stand out you truly must take advantage of any chance you have, to build engagement with the listener, and not waste a single second proving your talent. That commanding energy is what is most appealing about the new record from King Dave called “Wicked”.

A relentless onslaught of hard trap hip-hop, gripping listeners with its gritty intensity. The charisma you look for in your next superstar shines bright on this high energy record that is engaging for every second. The flow is infectious with the bravado shining in the approach to make you feel the conviction in the writing, with an authenticity in the approach that can’t be faked. This takes place over an exhilarating production that knocks and sets the stage perfectly for the vision brought to life on this must hear record, from a must hear talent.

Check out King Dave “Wicked” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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