UNIK – 7/7

UNIK – 7/7

To be an artist present day, you have to have presence. You have to make music that doesn’t waste a single second getting the people invested. Especially in todays climate when their are so many artists coming out daily, you have to be able to make an instant impression to get people to stay engaging in the music. UNIK understands this and makes an exciting release for the culture to buy in to called “7/7”.

The track exudes an unapologetic energy, with gritty lyrics that navigate the urban sound with masterful precision. It’s is a lyrical onslaught, featuring punchy rhymes and relentless tempo that mirrors the intensity of UNIK’s delivery. The production is a fusion of hard-hitting percussion and dark undertones, creating an atmosphere that is both ominous and exhilarating to keep you focused on the lyrical mastery, that helps this song stand out as a powerhouse in the hard hip-hop realm, leaving an indelible mark with its uncompromising attitude and authenticity.

Check out UNIK “7/7” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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