MOPHEAD TBC x BB Simon – Punchin’

MOPHEAD TBC x BB Simon – Punchin’

With a genre like Hip Hop an artist has to be unapologetic in their approach. They have to have presence as well as conviction in their approach, that makes you buy into not only the music, but their persona as well. With this new collaboration from MOPHEAD TBC and BB Simon called “Punchin'” you get a song full of swagger that makes you buy in to these must hear stars in a real way.

This emerges as a slick rap anthem, where the incisive verses collide with the major bass and hard piano chords. The track encapsulates an unapologetic narrative, with the pair’s raw delivery navigating the intense urban soundscape crafted by the commanding piano riffs. To match the sound you get raw lyricism that is both menacing and captivating, to make everything engaging as the next as the track gets better with each second . This record stands as a testament to Mophead’s consistent exciting releases, carving out a space for itself in the rap landscape, with its unrelenting energy and street-savvy substance.

Check out MOPHEAD TBC and BB Simon “Punchin'” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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