Rich Hennessy – Haven’t Found You Yet

Rich Hennessy – Haven’t Found You Yet

In a time where so much music can feel the same, its get to hear songs that stand out. Those records that shine in their big time presence, to show there are levels of mastery that helps record separate themselves in a real way. That type of music is what Rich Hennessy serves up for the world to enjoy on the new song “Haven’t Found You Yet”.

This record delivers a powerful message of perseverance and hope in the pursuit of love to make fans of us all. Hennessy’s emotive vocals resonate with sincerity, capturing the essence of a quest for connection that gives the right amount of life to the writing to make it that much more felt. The production is mega and dynamic in its approach, to make something that is commanding and stops time for the listener to take in the countless intricacies that make this song a great one.

Check out Rich Hennessy “Haven’t Found You Yet” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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