Emilia Vaughn – Skeleton

Emilia Vaughn – Skeleton

Now more than ever it is crucial for artists to being daring enough to bare themselves to the world. Far from the days of a song just being good, being enough to grab a listener. The music now needs to have something real, that people can relate to as well as feel a deeper connection to the artist. Emilia Vaughn makes this connection in a real on her new song “Skeleton”.

A poignant gem within the realm of emotive pop, beckoning listeners into a realm of vulnerability and raw emotion that come with a break up. The title, “Skeleton,” serves as a metaphorical key, unlocking the door to the artist’s innermost thoughts and sentiments, as this heartfelt composition unveils a narrative of love, self-discovery, and the intricate dance of emotions, inviting audiences to connect intimately with the artist, as we find ourselves captivated by Vaughn’s ability, to create an emotional landscape that resonates long after the final note fades away to make a timeless connection like no other.

Check out Emilia Vaughn “Skeleton” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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