Genra – Cise Says

Genra – Cise Says

Music is something that gets more overcrowded by the day. So much to the point people can think that its easy to be an artist, not knowing the grind that it really is. The sleepless nights that you question yourself, the fear of putting yourself out there, the long days of wanting to make music but nothing seems to come out right. All of that so much more makes it a tough grind and Genra is able to speak on this in a real way everyone can feel on his new song “Cise Says”.

A brilliant track that shines in its transparency and realism. The production captures a jazz boom bap sound that is able to set a tone, as well as bring emotion to the music that gets you invested for the vision that comes to life. Genra is masterful in his lyrical craftsmanship bringing sharp rhyming and story telling, that comes alive due to the intricacies in the rhyming, and felt even more to the soul as well conviction that shows the magic of pure emceeing to make a super dope record, that you can connect to in every way.

Check out Genra “Cise Says” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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