Uncle TreY – Alone in the Lex

Uncle TreY – Alone in the Lex

When listening to an artist, its just as important to feel them as much as it is to hear them. An artist has to have a presence to them that makes you slow down to give the music your attention. Especially in a time where there a plethora of artist releasing music songs daily, its important to stand out and Uncle TreY stands out in a major way on his new song “Alone in the Lex”.

It’s a record that gives you something super smooth and super dope to make something truly must hear. The chill mellow approach to the sound gives it the perfect night time feel, that embodies the feel of the title and TreY’s writing brings it to life. He’s sharp and intricate in his detail, as he brings us into his true thoughts, while flowing so effortlessly to ride the wave of the beat to perfection, to give a true experience of music that music lovers everywhere can enjoy.

Check out Uncle TreY “Alone in the Lex” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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