Its always refreshing to hear artist dare to be creative. Especially in a time where a lot of music sounds so much alike that none of it really stands apart, but also just flows together. When creatives tap into their talent to make something truly incredible its special to be apart of, and that’s what Orrin does on the new song “CHEAT CODE”.

An exciting listen with great original flavor to make you buy into the music in a real way. It has a fun Hip Hop sound, with dope drill work to give it that bounce to set a strong tone for the record. As the music flows so does the rapping that is filled with infectious charisma, to bring the content to life from the lyrics that are slick, while also having a nice witty touch to make an engaging record that entertains you to the fullest, while also making you a fan of this stand out sound that rides its own wave to perfection.

Check out Orrin “CHEAT CODE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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