Ev Malone – We O.T.W

Ev Malone – We O.T.W

Now more than ever there’s pressure in Hip Hop community for artists to find a way to stand out. More and more artists on every level releasing music, to the point it all feels the same. An artist has to make a real connection with the listener to keep them coming back, and Ev Malone is able to make that connection on his new song “We O.T.W”.

Everything about this track is heartfelt and shows the power Hip Hop has on the people when its real. Ev raps for dear life over this piano driven instrumental, taking us through his journey while also showcasing his incredible lyricism that paints the picture vividly like an artist with a paint brush. The conviction in his approach is what takes things over the top, with the conviction necessary to bring it all home, on this stand out Hip Hop record that gets it right for the culture.

Check out Ev Malone “We O.T.W” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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