CJB – Infidelity

CJB – Infidelity

The magic of the Afrobeats sound is the lush approach to the music. When you get incredible rhythm and grooves working together to make one must hear sound, that you can get lost in as the music takes form in a real way. CJB is able to make a sure hit with that sound on his new release “Infidelity”.

As soon as you hit play you feel the music, with the infectious energy taking over to get you invested into the artistry that takes form. It not only marvels in the sound but equally impressive in the writing that is able to take deep relatable substance, to make a catchy emotive record that is delivered masterfully by the smooth slick vocals that shine in their presence, to give us the perfect storm of music that keeps us rocking for every second it comes to life.

Check out CJB “Infidelity” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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