G-SALIH – Follow My Dreams

G-SALIH – Follow My Dreams

Hip Hop music is at its best when it has soul to it. When grabs you in due to the substance in the message and the spirit of the sound working together perfectly, to give the culture something real to get invested in. With an artist like G-SALIH you know you’re always going to get incredible writing and his new song “Follow My Dreams” is the perfect testament to that.

When the music starts you get wrapped into the incredible soul sound, with a nice boom bap approach to the percussion, met with a horn arrangement to set the tone in a real way for the artistry that takes form. G-SALIH raps with fire to his approach, with the burning desire to make it resonating in a real way, as he lets his impressive lyricism come to life due to the conviction in his approach, to make a stand out body of work for the culture to enjoy.

Check out G-SALIH “Follow My Dreams” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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